The Youth have made an appeal to create a youth-friendly ecosystem and commemorate International Youth Day on August 12, 2023, under the theme "Green Skills For Youth: Towards A Sustainable World."  In Nepal, a week-long program has been declared by Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI), a pioneer organization promoting social enterprises, responsible business, business and human rights, circular economy, climate-smart enterprises, and social solidarity economy since 2003. They are collaborating with Youth Initiative (YI), a youth-led and youth-run organization since 1998, along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Youth Council, National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF), Catalyst2030, Business and Human Rights Network, IM Swedish Development Partner, Good Shepherd International Foundation Nepal, and other like-minded development partners, youth organizations, and educational institutions. The kick-off event was organized on August 5th at the Pashupati World Heritage site, with the presence of Honorable Sujan Kirati, Minister of Culture and Tourism, officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Youth Council, Pashupati Development Trust, and representatives of CSOs, youth organizations, and students from universities and campuses. These programs involve activities such as cleaning, plantation, and raising awareness about cleanliness and hygiene in the Pashupati area. Throughout the week, various programs will be organized with a focus on enhancing youth awareness, acknowledging their values, fostering discussions on responsibility and accountability, participating in the review of the national youth policy, and providing recommendations for the 16th national plan. The programs also aim to promote entrepreneurship and employment, advocate for environmental conservation and climate protection, and encourage youth leadership and participation in issues related to inclusive democracy and youth civic space. All young individuals, activists, political parties, government bodies, and social organizations have been urged to cultivate a friendly environment among the youth, actively contribute to nation-building, and enthusiastically participate in the diverse programs to achieve these goals. On behalf of the coordinating organizations, Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI) and Youth Initiative (YI), we kindly request all of you to participate in informing, empowering, and involving youth in nation-building and sustainable development to achieve the vision of prosperity. If you want to join in this important mission of  youth empowerment and engagement  please feel free to communicate with us. On behalf of event secretariat Pawan Gautam, Secretary General of Youth Initiative,, Mobile : 9861784805 Alisha Karki, Coordinator of Nepal Development initiative (NEDI), email, Mobile : 980001030