1. Social Impact through Social Enterprises

  • Educate and strengthen capacity of individuals, students, CBOs, NGOs, CSOs and cooperatives, farmers groups and consumers on social entrepreneurship to uplift their economic situation
  • Creating jobs and economic opportunities for youth, women and marginalized communities
  • Lobby advocacy for better policy and creating enabling environments to foster the social enterprise ecosystem

2. Building Climate Resilience Society

  • Addressing social and environmental issues such as poverty, inequality, and climate change
  • Promote and protect the local natural resources while utilizing indigenous knowledge and best business practices for sustainable growth
  • Promoting agri-green jobs and climate smart agriculture
  • Encouraging clean green communities
  • Advocate and promoting for plastic free business venture
  • Climate  justice awareness building at school and communities
  • Engaging youth as climate campaigns
  • Engaging on national and local advocacy on climate adaption and mediation activities
  • Environmental camp and cleaning campaign
  • Organize plantation and water sources consersation

3. Promoting Responsible Sustainable Business Ecosystem

  • Advocacy campaigns on better utilization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Promoting fair trade centered around decent work, advocating
  • Creating awareness raising capacity building on  Business and Human Rights (B+HR)
  • Networking and alliance building
  • Engaging of National Action Plan formulation and implementation
  • Business monitor  and cerate reporting mechanism
  • Engaging with SMEs and informal service sectors
  • Promoting social solidarity economic model
  • Business and Human Rights Due Diligence System

4. SDGs Localization

  • Capacity building of stakeholders
  • Engaging on Volunteer Local Review
  • Prepare  Local  Economic SDGs and interlink with national global SDGs
  • Mobilize  on Youth and Students for SDGs Champaign
  • Education, awareness and campaign on SDGs