Long-term Objectives Objective

Contributing to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 agendas by engaging youth, women and marginalized community on social entrepreneurship

Short-term Objectives Objective

  1. To create awareness and capacity building of youth, women and marginalized community on social entrepreneurship 
  2. To create enabling ecosystem to establish and run the social business in Nepal
  3. To create employment opportunities to youth, women and marginalized community by promoting social entrepreneurship
  4. To conceptualize and establish formal and informal education system to create business culture and competitive academic expertize on social entrepreneurship
  5. To organize study, research, publish educational, advocacy, promotional, media and development publications
  6. To organize Lobby, advocacy and engaging to create enabling environment to establish, promotion and incubation of SE in Nepal
  7. To strengthen the capacity and initialization of Social Entrepreneurs' Forum (NSEF) and Social Entrepreneurship Association of of Nepal (SEAN) to effectively engaging on promotion social entrepreneurship in Nepal
  8. To have issues based engagement to understand the relation with Social Enterprises and contemporary national and global agendas