Nedi aims to create an enabling environment to build a just, equitable and self-sustain and prosperous society.

Our mission is to promote social entrepreneurship and responsible sustainable businesses thereby contributing to the realization of social solidarity economy, circular economy and sustainable development.

In our pursuit of green enterprises and addressing environmental concerns, NEDI has exhibited fervent dedication to climate resilience. Post the 2015 earthquake, our impactful campaigns on climate-smart, disaster-resilient bamboo housing assumed critical significance. Furthermore, our empowerment-oriented rooftop farming initiatives, targeting women and youth, epitomise our ethos. Active involvement in the global Family Farming Campaign further underscores our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. Our endeavours are intrinsically linked to social, economic, and climate justice. We have nurtured an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship through the acclaimed Social Entrepreneurship Summit and international exhibitions, catalysing innovation and collaboration.

Considering our ethos and accomplishments, NEDI seeks partnerships aligned with our values. Collaborating with like-minded entities in the realm of promoting green enterprises offers a synergistic avenue for enhancing our shared impact on sustainability. We yearn to contribute our expertise, networks, and experiences to joint projects focused on climate-smart solutions, empowering marginalised communities, and fostering equity, we aspire to unite with partners who share our vision, driving us towards a greener, more equitable global landscape.